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Grazier keen to restock cattle property after summer downpour

The story of the Queensland drought is slowly shifting away from survival and towards revival. Birdsville grazier Geoff Morton is ready to bring 1,500 head of cattle back to Roseberth Station after 91 millimetres of rain fell this month. It is the best rainfall Mr Morton has seen since March 2012. He says his operation… Read More »

Praying and betting on beating drought

DROUGHT-stricken graziers Rosemary and Warwick Champion are taking the biggest gamble of their lives. Their parched Longway Station, which sits on almost 8100ha just outside Longreach in central Queensland, is surrounded by neighbours furiously selling cows, their land too dry to sustain the beasts. But the Champions, both in their 70s, are spending an extraordinary… Read More »

The curse of dimensionality

Development of the AgOptimizer program is continuing and we are averaging around 400 million daily iterations of the system on a single machine. The AgOptimizer system undertakes an exhaustive search. This is a problem-solving technique that consists of systematically enumerating all possible candidates for the solution and checking whether each candidate satisfies the problem’s statement.… Read More »

Redefining Industry Boundaries

I wanted to share an article from HBR titled “How Smart, Connected Products are Transforming Competition“. The article uses the example of connected farm equipment. The graphic (refer below) starts with Product –> Smart Product –> Smart, connected product –> Product System –> System of systems. Currently AgOptimizer is considered a “system”, but as we soon as we combine AgOptimizer… Read More »

The butterfly effect

Edward Lorenz (23 May 1917 – 16 April 2008) was an American mathematician, meteorologist, and a pioneer of chaos theory. He coined the term butterfly effect.  Lorenz was born in West Hartford, Connecticut. He studied mathematics at both Dartmouth College in New Hampshire and Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. From 1942 until 1946, he served… Read More »

Smarter farming

Lloyd Treinish leads the environmental science team in the Industry Solutions Department at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center. A co-developer of IBM’s Deep Thunder precision agriculture system, he contributed this article to LiveScience’s Expert Voices: Our world is getting larger … and hungrier … with every tick of the clock. Indeed, each second… Read More »

Canola crusher joins stockfeed market

Recently I read with interest reports of further developments with a livestock feed pelletising plant and its addition to a canola crushing business. Started as an on-farm diversification move by Cudal farmers Bob and Peter MacSmith in 1992, the oilseed business has been a 50-50 partnership with the Honan family company since the MacSmiths seriously… Read More »

Breakthrough AI algorithm

Researchers have just announced a breakthrough poker algorithm. “We have a strategy that can guarantee a player won’t lose” said Michael Bowling, a computer scientist from the University of Alberta. “We define a game to be essentially solved if a lifetime of play is unable to statistically differentiate it from being solved at 95% confidence.… Read More »

Optimizing for profit across livestock and properties

In many of the articles and explanations of AgOptimizer we talk about optimising the profit for one particular livestock such as cattle or sheep. However in reality many agribusinesses have multiple operations including both cattle and sheep and some form of farming operation.  From a purely mathematical and computational point of view the complexity of… Read More »