Redefining Industry Boundaries

By | 20 January 2015

HBR coverI wanted to share an article from HBR titled “How Smart, Connected Products are Transforming Competition“. The article uses the example of connected farm equipment. The graphic (refer below) starts with Product –> Smart Product –> Smart, connected product –> Product System –> System of systems.

Currently AgOptimizer is considered a “system”, but as we soon as we combine AgOptimizer for Sheep, AgOptimizer for Cattle and AgOptimizer for a crop, the software will expand in complexity and it will move to the final stage “Systems of Systems”.

The complexity of combining a Weather Data System, Farm Equipment System, Seed Optimization System and an irrigation system into a farm management system is immense. However the thought of optimizing a system of this type is a goal that we are striving towards.

Farm Equipment System